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Reference Maps of human ES and iPS cell variation enable high-throughput characterization of pluripotent cell lines. 人体胚胎干细胞(ES)和诱导多能干细胞株(iPS)细胞变异参考图使得多能干细胞系的高通量表征成为可能 

- Genome-wide maps of DNA methylation and gene expression for 32 ES and iPS cell lines
- Some but not all iPS cell lines fall within the spectrum of observed ES cell variation
- Epigenetic and transcriptional defects can interfere with in vitro differentiation
- High-throughput assay quantifies cell-line-specific differentiation propensities


-  32种胚胎干细胞(ES)和诱导多能干细胞株(iPSDNA甲基化和基因表达的全基因组图

- 部分而非全部诱导多能干细胞系(iPS)落入了可视胚胎干细胞(ES)变化的频谱内。

- 表观遗传学和转录缺陷能干扰体外分化

- 高通量评估量化了细胞--特异性分化倾向


The developmental potential of human pluripotent stem cells suggests that they can produce disease-relevant cell types for biomedical research. However, substantial variation has been reported among pluripotent cell lines, which could affect their utility and clinical safety. Such cell-line-specific differences must be better understood before one can confidently use embryonic stem (ES) or induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in translational research. Toward this goal we have established genome-wide reference maps of DNA methylation and gene expression for 20 previously derived human ES lines and 12 human iPS cell lines, and we have measured the in vitro differentiation propensity of these cell lines. This resource enabled us to assess the epigenetic and transcriptional similarity of ES and iPS cells and to predict the differentiation efficiency of individual cell lines. The combination of assays yields a scorecard for quick and comprehensive characterization of pluripotent cell lines.



人类多能干细胞的发育潜力表明它们能产生用作生物医学研究的疾病相关的细胞类型。然而,大量变化在多能干细胞系中被发现,这可能会影响其效用和临床安全性。这种细胞--特异性差异在个体在转化研究中能放心运用胚胎干细胞(ES)或诱导多能干细胞(iPS细胞)前必须被更好地理解。为了实现这一目标,我们已经建立了20种先前衍生的胚胎干细胞系(ES)和12种人类诱导的多能干细胞系(iPS)的 DNA甲基化和基因表达的全基因组参考图且我们已经测量了这些细胞系的体外分化倾向。此资源使我们能够评估ES和诱导的多能干细胞(iPS)的表观遗传学和转录相似性且能预测单个细胞系的分化效率。实验的结合量化了多能干细胞系的快速和全面表征。





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