PLOS ONE2014-03-21 2:02 PM

实时系统综述:缩小循证实践差距的新兴机遇Living Systematic Reviews: An Emerging Opportunity to Narrow the Evidence-Practice Gap

目前难以保持系统评价实时更新的困境导致了大量误差,这极大阻碍了知识向实践的转化。传统审查更新的逐渐进步无法使得当前综述得到显著改进。这唤起了对新兴方法的需求。我们建议将实时系统综述作为对结合货币与严谨性的证据假设的贡献来提高健康证据的准确度和效用。 实时系统综述是有关健康研究实时高质的在线摘要,生产效率的提高使之成为可能,它及时更新新兴研究而并坚持学术交流的规范。健康系统中主要研究报告创新以及证据的创建和使用的结合使实时系统综述为新兴实证生态系统提供极大助力。

The current difficulties in keeping systematic reviews up to date leads to considerable inaccuracy, hampering the translation of knowledge into action. Incremental advances in conventional review updating are unlikely to lead to substantial improvements in review currency. A new approach is needed. We propose living systematic review as a contribution to evidence synthesis that combines currency with rigour to enhance the accuracy and utility of health evidence. Living systematic reviews are high quality, up-to-date online summaries of health research, updated as new research becomes available, and enabled by improved production efficiency and adherence to the norms of scholarly communication. Together with innovations in primary research reporting and the creation and use of evidence in health systems, living systematic review contributes to an emerging evidence ecosystem.






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