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古老的珊瑚塑造了现代鱼种的丰度 Quaternary coral reef refugia preserved fish diversity



Loïc Pellissier及其同事用来自印度-澳大利亚群岛——这是在澳大利亚与东南亚大陆之间的一个岛链——的沉积物岩芯来重构过去3百万年中地球的该地区珊瑚的分布。他们接着用全球6316种不同的珊瑚礁鱼类的分布数据来为第四纪时期(即260万年前到现在)的物种丰度的历史性格局建模。




The most prominent pattern in global marine biogeography is the biodiversity peak in the Indo-Australian Archipelago. Yet the processes that underpin this pattern are still actively debated. By reconstructing global marine paleoenvironments over the past 3 million years on the basis of sediment cores, we assessed the extent to which Quaternary climate fluctuations can explain global variation in current reef fish richness. Comparing global historical coral reef habitat availability with the present-day distribution of 6316 reef fish species, we find that distance from stable coral reef habitats during historical periods of habitat loss explains 62% of the variation in fish richness, outweighing present-day environmental factors. Our results highlight the importance of habitat persistence during periods of climate change for preserving marine biodiversity.

Editor's Summary
Ancient reefs provided fishy refuges

Climate fluctuations have occurred repeatedly in Earth's history, and so there is much to be learned from examining the responses of past systems. Pellessier et al. reconstructed paleoenvironments over the past 3 million years from sediment cores collected across coral reef systems to explore the impacts of past conditions on reef fish diversity. Coral reefs survived in the Indo-Australian regions during times of otherwise extensive habitat loss. These robust reefs can explain much of the diversity found in present-day reef fish species.






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