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增加大脑钾离子通道的电流会让抑郁消失 Enhancing Depression Mechanisms in Midbrain Dopamine Neurons Achieves Homeostatic Resilience


过去的研究显示,当小鼠体内阳离子通道的电流增加时,其脑中腹侧被盖区 (VTA) 中的多巴胺神经元会变得过度活跃,并转而使这些小鼠变得抑郁。然而,Allyson Friedman及其同事现在发现,增加这些离子通道的电流甚至会进一步导致一种令人惊讶的效应:它会完全消除小鼠的抑郁症。





Typical therapies try to reverse pathogenic mechanisms. Here, we describe treatment effects achieved by enhancing depression-causing mechanisms in ventral tegmental area (VTA) dopamine (DA) neurons. In a social defeat stress model of depression, depressed (susceptible) mice display hyperactivity of VTA DA neurons, caused by an up-regulated hyperpolarization-activated current (Ih). Mice resilient to social defeat stress, however, exhibit stable normal firing of these neurons. Unexpectedly, resilient mice had an even larger Ih, which was observed in parallel with increased potassium (K+) channel currents. Experimentally further enhancing Ih or optoGENEtically increasing the hyperactivity of VTA DA neurons in susceptible mICE completely reversed depression-related behaviors, an antidepressant effect achieved through resilience-like, projection-specific homeostatic plasticity. These results indicate a potential therapeutic path of promoting natural resilience for depression treatment.

Editor's Summary

Resilient Hyperpolarization

Despite constant exposure to all sorts of stressors, most people are resilient and do not develop depression, but we do not understand the neurophysiological underpinnings of stress resilience. Friedman et al. (p. 313) studied this phenomenon in a mouse model of social-defeat stress depression. In the mice they found that, despite apparently pathological levels of hyperpolarization and elevated potassium channel currents in the ventral tegmental area (a structure known to be involved in depression), resilient mice showed normal activity in dopaminergic neurons. Thus, if “depressed” mice were experimentally provoked into hyperpolarization—unexpectedly, they completely reversed depression-related behaviors.






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