Nature2014-06-25 5:14 PM

衣原体异常之谜被揭开 A new metabolic cell-wall labelling method reveals peptidoglycan in Chlamydia trachomatis


糖氨基酸聚合物“肽聚糖”在大多数非寄生菌中是细胞壁的一个必要成分。衣原体目(包括人类病原体“沙眼衣原体”在内的革兰氏阴性寄生虫)过去被认为是一个罕见的例外:它们编码负责“肽聚糖”生物合成的基因,对-内酰胺抗生素敏感,但试图检测衣原体“肽聚糖”的努力过去却一直没有成功。现在,这个被称为“衣原体异常”的矛盾已被解决。利用一个新颖的“点击化学”(click chemistry)方法来通过D-氨基酸二肽探针标记“肽聚糖”的这项研究,显示“肽聚糖”存在于复制中的“沙眼衣原体”内。


Peptidoglycan (PG), an essential structure in the cell walls of the vast majority of bacteria, is critical for division and maintaining cell shape and hydrostatic pressure. Bacteria comprising the Chlamydiales were thought to be one of the few exceptions. Chlamydia harbour genes for PG biosynthesis and exhibit susceptibility to ‘anti-PG’ antibiotics, yet attempts to detect PG in any chlamydial species have proven unsuccessful (the ‘chlamydial anomaly’10). We used a novel approach to metabolically label chlamydial PG using D-amino acid dipeptide probes and click chemistry. Replicating Chlamydia trachomatis were labelled with these probes throughout their biphasic developmental life cycle, and the results of differential probe incorporation experiments conducted in the presence of ampicillin are consistent with the presence of chlamydial PG-modifying enzymes. These findings culminate 50 years of speculation and debate concerning the chlamydial anomaly and are the strongest evidence so far that chlamydial species possess functional PG.






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