University of South California2014-07-25 2:53 PM

A Genome-Scale Resource for the Functional Characterization of Arabidopsis Transcription Factors


•Versatile Arabidopsis TF clone collection compatible with recombination-based cloning

•High-throughput TF-centered yeast one-hybrid screens

•Discovery of transcriptional components of the Arabidopsis circadian clock


Extensive transcriptional networks play major roles in cellular and organismal functions. Transcript levels are in part determined by the combinatorial and overlapping functions of multiple transcription factors (TFs) bound to gene promoters. Thus, TF-promoter interactions provide the basic molecular wiring of transcriptional regulatory networks. In plants, discovery of the functional roles of TFs is limited by an increased complexity of network circuitry due to a significant expansion of TF families. Here, we present the construction of a comprehensive collection of Arabidopsis TFs clones created to provide a versatile resource for uncovering TF biological functions. We leveraged this collection by implementing a high-throughput DNA binding assay and identified direct regulators of a key clock gene (CCA1) that provide molecular links between different signaling modules and the circadian clock. The resources introduced in this work will significantly contribute to a better understanding of the transcriptional regulatory landscape of plant genomes.

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Highlights•Versatile Arabidopsis TF clone collection compatible with recombination-based cloning•High-throughput TF-centered yeast one-hybrid screens•D

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