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Impact Factor: 7.817

#1 of 172 journals in the category of "Management."

#1 of 110 journals in the category of "Business."

*2013 Journal Citation Reports

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Academy of Management Review

The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is ranked among the top five most influential and frequently cited management and business journals. AMR is a theory development journal that publishes the highest quality conceptual work. Impact Factor: 7.817.

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AbstractThis article applies the convergent insights of institutional and resource dependence perspectives to the prediction of strategic responses to

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AbstractThe complexity of political, regulatory, and technological changes confronting most organizations has made radical organizational change and ad

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AbstractThis paper describes the process of inducting theory using case studies—from specifying the research questions to reaching closure. Some featur

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AbstractManagement scholars have long separated the study of work and diversity, assuming that the nature of work itself is not affected by race or gen

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AbstractWe argue that under certain circumstances crowdsourcing transforms distant search into local search, improving the efficiency and effectiveness

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Impact Factor: 7.817#1 of 172 journals in the category of "Management." #1 of 110 journals in the category of "Business."*2013 Journal Citation Reports

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AbstractWe investigate the organizational pursuit of seemingly impossible goals—commonly known as stretch goals. Building from our analysis of the mech

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AbstractWhat happens when an employee generates a new idea and wants to further explore it but is instructed by a manager to stop working on it? Among

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AbstractWe create a taxonomy of hybrid governance forms and develop a formal theory that predicts when a given hybrid form will be efficient. Our model

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AbstractWe define management innovation as the invention and implementation of a management practice, process, structure, or technique that is new to t

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