Journal of Abnormal Psychology2014-12-23 7:08 PM

Leader Integrity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in China.

Gang Zhang (张刚),1 Yuntao Bai (白云涛),2 Arran Caza,3

and Lu Wang (王璐)4

1London Business School, UK, 2Xiamen University, China, 3Griffith University, Australia, and

4University of New South Wales, Australia


In this study, we use implicit leadership theory to investigate how leader integrity, one of the most important traditional Chinese virtues, influences subordinates’ organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) in the Chinese context. The results of our survey reveal that leader integrity is associated with subordinates’ OCB, and that this relationship is fully mediated by leader effectiveness. In addition, traditionality moderated the relationship between leader integrity and leader effectiveness; the relationship was significant among less traditional subordinates, but insignificant among more traditional subordinates. We conclude with a discussion of the theoretical and managerial implications for leaders in China.

KEYWORDS:Chinese leadership, implicit leadership theory, leader effectiveness, leader, integrity, organizational citizenship behaviour, traditionality

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