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E08 S01 Why you never meet

let's meet after...
let's meet after...

a dissertation guide

and a really good one at that

How to Finish Your Thesis

Productive procrastination and other sane, practical advice

I know it's starting to sound repetitive but I promise they are different. This one is the one you read when you already know how to do it but for some reason can't seem to sit down and focus long enough to accomplish it. 

The benefits of awards—even if you don’t win

It’s all in the application...

How to Reinvent Yourself

Last year, I interviewed two former adjuncts who had gotten fed up with contingent work and decided to make whatever changes were necessary to improve their lives and advance their careers. We called it the “How I Got Out” series. Lately I’ve been drawn once again to that narrative -- regular folks pulling themselves out of bad situations by sheer willpower.

Finding your voice in academic writing is an important first step according to Ben Britton, and we think we agree with him.

The PhD – 30 years after… 

Ever been curious about your future? 

Breaking down the work in accomplish-able tasks

An important step to anyone's successful workflow and productivity


Here's a template agenda for meetings with your supervisor by @ithinkwell

Download it, print it, save it to your phone. Whatever is best for you. Also, browse the rest of the website if you have some time, there are great resources on there.

If this doesn't get you writing, I don't know what will

Another side note,

Do you find yourself getting distracted during your writing sessions?

There's nothing like a 5-second social media break turned 3-hour procrastination session. 

Yesterday, while on a procrastination session, we actually found something super useful to help us with distractions.  

Check it out

That's all folks, I hope you enjoy the knowledge these authors have been so kind to share. Carry on and make the most of it.






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let's meet after...a dissertation guideand a really good one at thatHow to Finish Your ThesisProductive procrastination and other sane, practical advic

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